Reverse Engineering

Professional Machining Company is equipped to provide you with the customized service that your projects require. Sometimes that involves making a part that already exists but can't be found elsewhere, while other times it can mean working off plans that you've created to make something unique.

Attention to detail is not a luxury in this process; it can be the only way to replace a key part in an old machine.

Finding the right provider of reverse engineering and custom manufacturing solutions can be the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership. At Professional Machining Company, we take pride in our ability to tackle difficult projects, and we can complete many different types of work for you as your needs change over time.

Here is a simple list of some of the steps that might go into the reverse engineering process from beginning to end:

Working from your input. We start by working from the instructions, measurements and other required data handed over by you. This is important so that we have a clear point to begin and keep the end goal in sight at all times.
Working from old or sample parts. If you don't have plans for the part you need, but have
a physical piece for us to work from, then this can be a starting point as well. At our custom manufacturing machine shop, we have the expertise to get drawings made based on the part you provide to us. Ther e could be many situations in which you end up with no paper plans for a specific, hard-to-find part that your operations depend on, and we can step in to help when you need a replacement.
Verification and inspection. Once the part ha s been created, we will go over it to ensure that it's exactly what you ordered and can give you confirmation after the operation has been completed. Quality control is something we take seriously, and we understand that this is a large concern, especially if you are starting to work with a machine shop that you've never done business with before.

You can learn more about our custom manufacturing services by consulting other parts of our website,or contact us directly to request a quote.