Professional Machining

Professional Machining Company has been in the Manufacturing Business for over twenty years. We have a key workforce that has over One Hundred Years of accumulative Machining / Manufacturing experience. We have worked for the following Industries throughout the United States: The Fiber Optic Industry, Oil and Gas, Railroads, Industrial Pump Companies,Refineries, Chemical Plants,Steel Mills,
Food Processing Plants,and Equine Industries and many more.

We, at Professional Machining Company, have a Fifty Five Hundred Square Foot, Climate Controlled Facility with State of the Art CNC Lathes and CNC Mills as well as High Precision Inspection Equipment and Automatic Cut off Saws. We have all the necessary Handling Equipment to handle your Raw Materials while being off loaded into our Facility as well as loading your finished parts when they are packaged and ready for shipment.

We can handle your Manufacturing needs from Raw Material Requirements to Precision Machining, Heat Treating Requirements, Stress Relieving Requirements,and industrial Coatings that you may require.

We manufacture "Short Run" quantities as well as "High Volume" quantities.

Professional Machining Company takes pride in every order that comes through our shop. We manufacture parts according to the Customer's Precision Engineered Drawings and Specifications. We will work with your Purchasing Personnel as well as your Engineering Department to assure that you get first class,high quality, precision parts.